Yogi Adityanath government orders schools to give 15% fee waiver for 2020-21 session ANN | UP News: 15% school membership taken back in Corona period in UP, know

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UP School Fee Story: Schools will be given 15 days from the job taken during the Corona period (Coronavirus). After the decision of the High Court, the government has issued orders regarding this. It has been said in the mandate that in the academic session 2020-21, 15 percent of the voters will be deprived of the fees of all the schools of all the boards run in Uttar Pradesh. Two methods have been described for this. Firstly, if the child is currently studying in that school, then it will be adjusted in the subscriber’s further deposits. Secondly, if the child leaves the school after studying, then these 15 marks will be given to him. It should be easy that the Corona virus government issued a mandate on 27 April 2020 and did not even instruct the schools to increase the license in the 2020-21 session.

A mandate has been issued regarding this by Dr. Rupesh Kumar, Special Secretary, Secondary Education Department. In this, the decision of the High Court has been cited, in which it has also been said that these guidelines have not been followed, if any student, guardian or parent teacher association is upset, then it can approach the district under the Uttar Pradesh Self-Financed Independent School Fee Act. Fees are a liability. Complaint can be made before the committee. If any such complaint comes, the District Committee will take a decision on it. If any school or any person who is not bound by the decision of the District Fee Member Committee can appeal to the Divisional Appellate Authority.

On the other hand, Anil Agarwal, President of the Unaided Private School Association, said that during the Corona period, most of the schools had given up to 20 percent license exemption in view of the job problem. There will be only a few such schools which have not given such relief. Some advertisements definitely come out regarding this from Western UP. Anil Agarwal said that those who have already paid 15 fees or more than that have been exempted, there is no issue of returning their license. But those who were not given exemption in license earlier, they will approach the guardian and such schools should also follow the decision of the court and administration.

Will go to court again if things don’t work out – Guardian Union
Regarding this, The Guardian Union President Har Singh said that we consider the decision given by the High Court and the order issued by the government as our master. Rather we feel that the government should have given such an order before the High Court’s decision. SSP Singh says that the schools say that we had already waived the certificates to the children. Some of the duties on which a lot of pressure was put were relieved. The number of such people will be 5-10 percent. No one else got relief in the license. Exclusive Singh said that if the school does not provide the course, we will complain as per the rules. If even then things don’t work out, then we will go to court.

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Certainly the decision of the court and the order of the government is a boon for crores of students of the state. But this great relief is not so easily achieved by the actions of these children.

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