Rahul Gandhi at Global Business Summit PM Modi on Indian Economy, Coronavirus and Opposition

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PM Modi on Rahul Gandhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday (February 17) took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi in gestures. He said at the Global Business Summit, “Most of our opinion makers here are busy with the same ‘product’ reliance every six months. And even in this relaunch they don’t reimagine.

PM Modi claimed that his government started taking bribes after coming to power, but before 2014 only one family was taken care of. Rajiv Gandhi says that if a record is sent, then 15 paise is a mosque. Imagine if we think from his point of view, we can save 85 percent money. In fact in 1985 Samadhistha PM Rajiv Gandhi had claimed that the matter was on a visit to Blackhandi district of Odisha. In his speech, he had said that there is a lot of corruption in the country.

PM Modi said that some people may talk about removing poverty, but the truth was that the first way was considered a burden on the country. Our focus is on straightening the focus, so that they can contribute to the development of the country with their full potential in recognition of the country. In fact, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi gave the slogan of ignorance.

What did you claim?
PM Modi claimed that in the year 2014, there were more than 100 such districts in the country which were considered very backward. The concept was recovered in a small number of cases. About three lakh kilometers of roads were built in 9 years. All this consciousness is of the last nine years. Houses given to three crore poor families.

‘Last time we met’
PM Narendra Modi said that when the world had passed through Corona, the people of India showed the world how disaster can be converted into opportunities. He said that the echo of India’s potential is also being heard in the Global Business Summit. He said that when we met last time, the mask was not a part of everyday life, but just 5 days after Email Summit-2020 (WHO) declared Kovid as Pandemic and in no time the whole world changed. The world order has changed and now India has also changed.

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