MP coronavirus cases change with summer season in Indore Bhopal and Gwalior ANN

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mp coronavirus news: With the increase of heat in Madhya Pradesh, cases of corona infection have started coming up. There has been a stir in the three big cities of the state just by the touch of the corona virus. After Indore and Bhopal, now corona patients have also been found in Gharib. The biggest thing is that the work of vaccination has come to a complete standstill. People are also not interested in the pre-action dose. COVID-19 specialist doctors were already indicating that the number of corona positives may increase during the summer.

The risk of corona infection increased in the summer season

According to Dr. Ronak LG, it has been seen in the waves of corona that the number of people suffering from corona virus is increasing when summer comes. This time too, there is a growing apprehension of corona victims gradually. Corona message has been confirmed in the unemployed patient. The number of corona infected has increased to five in Madhya Pradesh.

Two cases each of corona infection were found in Bhopal and Indore. According to Dr. Ronak Elchi, people still need to survive from the corona virus. During the last 24 hours, applications were made for 462 people in Madhya Pradesh. One of the two corona infected is a resident of Indore district. People are watching the appeal to apply pre-caution dose. During the last 24 hours in Madhya Pradesh, four people got corona vaccine. There are three people from Bhopal and one from Morena in the claim of getting vaccinated. The threat from the terror of Corona is continuously increasing.

Doctors again repeated the measures to prevent corona

  • First of all, it is necessary to get the precoction dose of corona
  • Possible overcrowding should be avoided as far as possible
  • Wearing a face mask in a crowded area
  • Give priority to the test in case of cold, flu or fever
  • Hands and feet are well placed when entering the house

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