Matt Hancock calls Isabel Oakeshott WhatsApp message leak a ‘massive betrayal’ matt hancock

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Matt Hancock has said he is “extremely disappointed” about the “massive betrayal and breach of trust” by Isabel Oakeshott, who gave WhatsApp messages from her time as health secretary to the Daily Telegraph.

The WhatsApp exchange was given to Oakeshott by Hancock when they were collaborating on a book about the pandemic.

The former health secretary apologized for the impact the release of the messages had on those who worked with her during the pandemic.

In a statement, Hancock said: “I am extremely disappointed and saddened by the massive betrayal and breach of trust by Isabel Oakeshott. I am also sorry for the impact on so many people – political colleagues, civil servants and friends – who have Worked hard with me to survive the pandemic and save lives.

He said there was “no public interest case for this major breach” as all material used for his pandemic diary book had been subpoenaed for a Covid-19 public inquiry.

Oakeshott said she was threatened by Hancock in a late-night message after the Telegraph began publishing articles based on the WhatsApp correspondence. He has denied the claim.

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