How does the threat of gun violence affect you?

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As of mid-February, the Gun Violence Archive counted 81 mass shootings in the United States in 2023. That’s an average of more than one per day, killing three Michigan State University students and badly injuring five others. 13.

The New York Times wants to hear how the threat of gun violence has affected your life – whether you’ve experienced gun violence directly or only through the news.

Are you scared about gun violence? If so, what are they? Has the threat of gun violence affected your mental health, quality of life, or daily behavior? if so, how? and how do you cope?

Gun violence disproportionately affects black communities. And according to one study, Asians, Pacific Islanders and Native Hawaiians living in California were more concerned about being victims of gun violence than other racial or ethnic groups — days before the January mass shootings in Half Moon Bay and Monterey Park. Too. We look forward to hearing from Americans in these and other communities.

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