Hong Kong ends world’s longest Covid pandemic mask, canceled after 1000 days

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Hong Kong rolls out world’s longest Covid mask The war against the Corona epidemic is still going on all over the world. However, most countries have already given relaxation in the COVID agreement. But taking the risk for COVID-19 in Hong Kong (Hong Kong) was now inevitable. It was the world’s most extreme COVID restriction on mandatory wearing of masks. In Hong Kong, from Wednesday (March 1), the mandatory requirement of face mask will end.

About 1000 days after the start of the Corona Pandemic, the people of Hong Kong finally came out of the house without a mask from Wednesday (March 1).

Kovid mask will bring relief in Hong Kong

The first covering will no longer be required indoors, outdoors or while traveling in public transport. Everywhere in the world, the compulsion of masks was abolished long ago, but these rules were still in force in Hong Kong.

What will happen if the mask is not mandatory?

Masks have become mandatory in Hong Kong as the government tries to revive companies hit by the situation by shedding responsibilities and aliens. The city’s chief executive, John Lee, said at a press conference on Tuesday (28 February), “We are largely resuming normalcy by removing the masking requirement. This will be of great benefit to economic development”.

Heavy fine is imposed on mask or makeup

John Lee said that the elderly can use masks as needed in the hospital and at home. The legal criminal called it dangerous to children. Tourism Exposure and Electronic Exposure have warned that this is undermining the city’s global image. Official figures show that by the end of 2022, Hong Kong had fined more than 22,000 people for violating mask jam rules. $14.22 million went to the company from the fine.

Hong Kong was the last city in the world where counterfeit hoax laws were in force. By last year, most European countries had withdrawn the talk of masks. Hong Kong’s Asian rival scrapped indoor face coverings in August, while South Korea did the same in January this year. By the end of last year, there was a large-scale outbreak of the Corona epidemic in Hong Kong.

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