GB News presenter resigns after channel tries to pay Ocom fine GB News

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One of GB News’ lead presenters has resigned after the channel tried to make him personally responsible for paying a fine issued by media regulator Ofcom.

Mark Steyn, who presented the station’s 8pm peak-time slot, is already under two investigations by the media regulator after he used his show to cast doubt on the safety of Covid vaccines.

The presenter’s departure has led some viewers of GB News – which has warned of conspiracy theorists taking over from a global elite – to suggest the channel has sold itself out to shadowy globalist forces.

Stan, who has been off the air since last year after suffering two heart attacks, told fans on his personal website that station bosses initially insisted he could not return until a defibrillator was installed in the studio. .

He said it was settled with a call for “defibrillators are us”, only for Angelos Frangopoulos, chief executive of GB News, to demand from Stan that he personally cover the costs of dealing with Ofcom and Agree to pay any fines for broadcasting code violations. This is a highly unusual situation as the fine is the legal responsibility of the broadcast license holder, not the individual presenter.

Stan, who was employed on a freelance basis, said his response was that “you may be a madman with intent to bring about a third fatal heart attack but you have to do better than that”.

The presenter said he used to call GB News’ in-house compliance officer “Ofcom’s bitch” when they argued over what they were allowed to say.

Stan said in his video, ‘Well Offcom’s bitch has now taken her revenge.

Stan said the proposal would be untenable. “I am on the hook for Ofcom’s fine but I have had no role in our defense against an Ofcom complaint – this has all been done by GB News. Offcom’s bitch, as I call the compliance officer, will make a strange defense for Ofcom and then I’ll have to pay £40,000 in fines.”

Although Ofcom has the ability to regulate the content of broadcast television and radio channels, it has no control over online streams – meaning Stan can broadcast whatever he wants online to a potentially large audience without interference. is capable.

The contractual terms given to Stan indicate that GB News boss Ofcom is concerned about the outcome of the inquiry – which could scare off some of its remaining advertisers. Earlier this year all staff were put on compulsory Ofcom training.

Bosses are also warning of a tough financial environment, with the channel now financially backed by Sir Paul Marshall, the Brexiter hedge fund tycoon, who also backs Legatum and Legatum, the Dubai-based investment company founded by New Zealand billionaire Christopher Chandler.

On Monday, Frangopoulos told staff that the channel would “focus sharply toward financial stability and profitability”, which meant cutting the number of freelance shifts, cutting taxi bills and cutting the amount paid to guests. Despite difficult business conditions, they still signed up new presenters including Jacob Rees-Mogg and John Cleese.

The channel said: “GB News takes Ofcom compliance extremely seriously. All our presenters are expected to fully comply with the Broadcast Code and this is no exception. It is important to ask tough questions, express strong opinions does not affect our ability to do and debate issues that are important to the people of Britain.”

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