Covid-19 Origin: China Rejects US Report Claiming Coronavirus Leaked From Wuhan | Covid-19 Origins: Eyewitness US intelligence report from Chinese lab shocked seeing China, said

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COVID-19 Origin China: How and where did the roots of the virus that took the lives of millions of people at the global level, China is the only one about such questions. Because the patients of deadly (Covid-19) were first found in Wuhan, China (China) and after that this deadly infectious disease spread to other countries. When there was a demand for investigation in many countries on this, China tried to shun it.

A day earlier, a report by the US Energy Department claimed that leaks from an authorized Chinese lab would expose it, since then China is once again under suspicion. China’s link is discussed globally. The Chinese Foreign Ministry was shocked to see the American report. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has rejected the report of the US Energy Department with a look. China says that the origin of the authenticity from the Chinese lab is absolutely wrong and the deadly epidemic should not be politicized like this.

‘China supports origin tracking based on global science’

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said that Global Statics has considered the theory that there is a “high probability” that COVID-19 leaked from a Chinese lab. Mao said, ‘We reject such reports from the look, in which the origin of the virus has been told to be related to a bio laboratory. Mao said, “The origin of SARS-CoV-2 corresponds to science and should not be politically interpreted.” He said that China has always supported global-science-based orogen tracking and has also participated in such programs.

WHO team went to Wuhan to investigate

Attached that amid growing lab-leak theory, a WHO team of travelers who visited Wuhan in 2021 said in their report that the possibility of virus leak from Wuhan Bio Lab was “minimal”. At the same time, on Monday (February 27), the US Energy Department presented the final report related to the virus, saying that the virus is most likely to have leaked from the Wuhan lab.

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