China Lab Leaked COVID-19, US Department US Intelligence Agencies Shocking Report Says Origin Of Covid-19: China Made Smartphone? US intelligence officials claimed, said

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COVID-19 Origin China: Million Lives Taken Globally. At the end of 2019, this epidemic started spreading from China, which engulfed crores of people in a few months. Most cases of infection were reported in America, China and India. When many western countries including America (USA) pointed fingers at China for this virus, China became enraged. However, many US intelligence operatives claim that the suspect (Covid-19) was prepared in the lab and the suspect was leaked from the Chinese lab itself.

On Monday, the US Energy Department presented the final report related to the corporate. It has been told about the intelligent report that the virus may have originated from the sugar lecture. Earlier the Energy Department had said that the origin of the virus is not known, but now they believe that the virus is most likely to have leaked from the Wuhan lab.

Common will spread from Wuhan’s lab

Energy Department officials say they received intelligence from failed US biology labs around the world. Now the final report has been presented on the basis of this coordinate. However, some authorities believe that the claims made in this report are quite weak. This conclusion has not been drawn on any solid foundation. That’s why the White House does not agree on the claims of the intelligence report.

A report in The Wall Street Journal from the director of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines—the US Department of Energy—was thrown overboard over the origin of the Energy authorization, where many experts believed it was the lab. May be from

There was an accident in Chinese relevance!

People who have seen the US department’s integrated report were quoted in ‘The New York Times’ as saying that initially the department had given its decision with ‘low confidence’. However, it was then emphasized that how different documents revealed the origin of the pandemic and the apprehensions of this pandemic in the world. Now the conclusion of that report has reportedly emerged from new intelligence. The US department has now joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation in believing that the pandemic, which has killed nearly seven million people, was the result of a Chinese authority accident.

difference in intelligence reports

Four US detectives believe the virus came through direct natural transmission, while other agencies disagree, leading many to believe the virus may have been man-made in a lab. White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan has insisted on a separate investigation into the matter. “At the moment, there is no firm answer from the intelligence community on this question,” he said.

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